Clip Art Engine was created and is operated by Learning Yay!, a small family owned business. We have made original clip art graphics for our own projects for years and thought that we could help others by sharing our designs. Our most popular website sells educational worksheets where you can see how we used a few of our clip art designs.

Easy to Use, Our First Priority

The best products on the web today like Twitter and Pinterest are just so easy to use. We believe that is part of their “secret sauce” and decided to base our entire website around this concept.

Our Hassle-Free License

One of the biggest issues facing content creators is licensing. You would need a lawyer to understand some of the terms of use designers are making these days. We decided to take a different route and draft one of the more straightforward terms of use policies you will come across which you can see when you download our free Clip Art Starter Kit. You can use our royalty free clip art on both personal and commercial projects. The only time you cannot use our work is to start your own clip art business.

Contacting Us is Simple

Stan, Ryoko, and Katherine make up our team at Clip Art Engine. You can contact us by email and by phone if you have any questions.