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Use our clip art on personal, commercial, and educational projects. All graphics include a royalty-free license for unlimited use of our clip art in any media.
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Every graphic has been made using industry standard software by designers with years of experience crafting clip art designs.
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Download clip art instantly. No attribution is required and all graphics include vector and/or high resolution print-ready files. It’s the perfect clip art for teachers!

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Cute Educational Clip Art – Hassle-Free, Royalty-Free, and Easy to Use

Cute! We like cute things so we decided to work on bringing more cute things into the world with our clip art graphics. All of our designs are family-friendly and can easily be incorporated into any creative project. We focused on creating educational clip art so most of our designs fit into teaching materials seamlessly. Even though our designs target education they can also work nicely in a variety of other projects as well.

Useful. We understand that you want to be able to use our clip art in a number of different ways. This is why we include vector and/or high resolution print-ready files for all of our designs. You can use our cute clip art to make worksheets, classroom lessons and activities, coloring pages, newsletters, flashcards, posters, scrapbooks, crafts, signs, printables, and fun creative projects that only you can dream up. Our clip art is also extremely easy to use because we have probably have the simplest clip art license on the internet. We call our clip art “Royalty-Free” because our license entitles you to the unlimited use of our clip art in any media. This means that you don’t have the traditional restrictions clip art usually has that can be tedious to manage. If you sell over a thousand books with our clip art in it, congratulations! There are no additional fees. Wouldn’t the world be a better place without additional fees?
Themes! Clip Art Engine has four main categories; essentials, animals, places, and holidays. Each category features a wealth of uniquely themed clip art. Our clip art essentials category is perfect for teachers who want to start creating original lesson plans and other course materials. The graphics were designed to appeal to kids so they will surely capture a students attention. This is where borders, backgrounds, and a variety of our school clip art is located. Our animals category features mammals, sea creatures, dinosaurs, bugs, reptiles and amphibians. Clip art from around the world can be found in our places category. This is where you will find artwork that can be used to help kids learn about cities, states, countries, and ancient civilizations. Our popular holidays category covers the 4 seasons in addition to holidays so you will always find topical clip art designs.

Educational. Teachers and parents know about how challenging teaching can be. Kids do inherently want to learn but we can help that process along by making it fun. Our clip art was designed to add a little extra pizzazz to original educational materials. Have fun and kids will too!